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About us

For over 10 years now our values have been:

  • think entrepreneurially
  • analyze (technically) well-founded
  • look for creative solutions
  • plan and shape the future
  • act with people

The value of our work results from a comprehensive understanding of the necessary tasks. Not delegating, but tackling is in the foreground of our approach to work.

TEC acts from a comprehensive network and is completely focused on the success of the customer.

Heino Claussen-Markefka

About Heino Claussen-Markefka

Before Heino Claussen-Markefka founded TEC in 2012, he worked for many years in management positions and as managing director at medium-sized machine tool manufacturers.

In numerous projects, good, exciting and successful solutions were developed and implemented under his leadership. In addition to the entrepreneurial and technical perspective, the motivation and integration of stakeholders and partners is also the focus of his activities.

Ilka Markefka

About Ilka Markefka

After obtaining her degree in Ecotrophology (Nutritional Science), Ilka Markefka worked for several years in quality control in the food industry. From 2004 to 2018, she worked as a self-employed nutritionist.

Since 2012 she has been responsible for all administrative tasks of the TEC.